1983                Ph.D. in Physics, Virginia Polytechnique Institute and State
                         University, USA
1978-1980      Graduate School of Univ. of Sci. and Technol. China, and IOP, CAS
1968                College graduated, Dept of Phys II, Fudan Univ., China
Major Honors and Scholarship
2011                   Endowed Zhou Guangzhao Professorship in Natural Science, HKU
2009 -present   Member of Qian Ren Program
2007 -10            Member of Editorial Board, Phys. Rev. Lett.
2005                   Distinguished Research Achievement Award of the University of Hong Kong
2002                   University Distinguished Research Professor, University of Cincinnati
                            (the 17th recipient in Univ. of Cincinnati)
1999                   Fellow of American Physical Society
Other Honors, Titles, Awards, and Editorship
1983                   Summer Cunningham Fellowship award for graduate student
                            at Virginia Polytechnique Institute and State University
1997                   Faculty Achievement Award, Univ. of Cincinnati
2000 -                 Advisory Professor, Fudan University, Shanghai, China
2000 -04            Overseas Assessor, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2003- 09            Guang-Biao Chair Professorship (honorary), Zhejiang University, China
2004                   National Award in Natural Sciences, 2nd Class, China
                             shared with Y. Q. Li, D. N. Shi, M. Ma, and S. J. Gu
2005                    Fellow, The Institute of Physics, UK
2003-06              Associate Editor, Journal of Physical Society of Japan
2005-                   Editor, International Journal of Modern Physics B, Singapore
2007 -10             Co-Editor, Europhysics Letters
2007 -10             Divisional Associate Editor, Physical Review Letters
Scholarship and Acadamic Activities
Jun 2014            Program co-chair, OCPA (Overseas Chinese Physical Association) 8
                           Workshop, Singapore
2014- present   Member and chair, Science Council, Asia Paci c Center for
                          Theoretical Physics, Pohang, Korea
2011-                  Member-in-Large, OCPA (Overseas Chinese Physical Association)
2011-                  Chairman, Asia Paci c Workshop Committee on Condensed Matter Physics
Dec. 17-19, 2010     Chair, Hong Kong Forum of Physics, HKU
2010 -                 Member, Advisory Committee, Nat Key Lab. on
                            Superconductivity, Beijing, China
Dec. 2009          Member, Science Assessment Committee, Center of Theoretical
                          Science, Taiwan
June 09              Elected Chair, Gordon Research Conference, Superconductivity,
                          Hong Kong (HK)
2009-                  Member, Science Council, Center for Quantum Manipulation and
                         Control, Fudan Univ., China
June 22-24, 09 Chair, Workshop on "Novel Topological States in Condensed Matter
                         Physics", HK
Dec. 08              Chair, Hong Kong Forum 2008, Quantum Matter and Simulations, HK
Dec. 08              Member, Science Assessment Committee, Phys. Dept., Shanghai
                        Jiao Tong Univ., China
Mar. 08 -            Co-convenor, with Wengcho Chew, Strategic Research Theme
                            "Computational Sciences and Engineering", Univ. of Hong Kong
2008 -                Member, Science Council, Asia Paci c Center for Theoretical
                         Physics, Korea
2008 -                Member, Advisor Committee, Faculty of Science, Baptist Univ. of
                         Hong Kong
2008 -                Member, Advisor Committee, College of Science, Nat. Jiao Tong
                         Univ., Taiwan
Dec. 07              Chair, Hong Kong Forum of Physics - Frontier in Condensed
                         Matter, HK
Nov. 07 -           Honorary Chair, Dept. of Phys., Zhejiang Univ., China
Oct. 07               Vice Chair, Gordon Research Conference in Superconductivity,
Summer 07      Co-organizer, 1st program at Kevli Inst. of Theor. Phys. China,
June 07 - June 11   Member, Physical Science Panel, Research Grant Council (RGC),
June 07 -          Panel member, Joint proposal for NSF-China/ HK RGC
05- 07               Convenor, University's Strategic Theme
                          "Computational Physics and Numerical Methods", HKU
Apr 2007          Member, Science Assessment Committee, Nat. Tsinghua Univ.,
Dec. 06            Co-organizer, Hong Kong Forum of Condensed Matter Physics
                          Past, Present, and Future, HK
May 06             Member, International Organizing Committee, Spintronics
                       Workshop, Singapore
Aug. 05            Director, Croucher Advanced Institute Study: Science and
                       Application of Spintronics, HK