Doctor of Science ( Hokkaido University , Japan) ;   

2006 to 2007: Visiting researcher, UC Berkeley;

1998 to 2000: JSPS researcher, Hokkaido University.

Recent publications:

[1] Asymptotic behaviors of time dependent damped wave equations, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications,  (2009) (with K. Nishihara).

[2]Uniqueness of constant weakly anisotropic mean curvature immersion of the sphere S^2 in R^3, Advances in Differential Equations, vol.14, No.7-8 (2009)  601-619(with Y. Giga).

[3]Escape Dynamics and Equilibria Selection by Iterative Cycles Decomposition, Journal of Mathematical Economics,  (2010)(with Z.Cui).

[4] The efficiency of observability and mutual linkage, The B.E.J. Theoretical Economics, (2009) (with Z.Cui, X. Liu).

[5]Simulated power spectral density (PSD) of background electrocorticogram (EcoG),  Cognitive Neurodynamics, 2:97-103(2009) (with W. Freeman).

[6]Gamma-Convergence with Dirichlet boundary condition and Landau-Lifshitz functional for thin film, Discrete And Continuous Dynamical System, Series B, Vol.11, No.4 (2009) 1071-1085 (with ZH.Cai).

[7]Global existence of small classical solutions to nonlinear Schrodinger equations, Ann.I.H.Poincare-AN, 25,303-311(2008) (with T.Ozawa).

[8]Local minimizers with vortex pinning to GL functional in three dimension,Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 345 (2008) 535-544  (with ZH. Cai).

[9] Regularity of weak constant anisotropic mean curvature surfaces, C.R.Acad.Sci.Paris, Ser.I 344, 603-606(2007).

[10] Stable solutions to Landau-Lifshitz-Maxwell equations, Indiana University Mathematics Journal, 54(6),1635-1659 (2005).

Research work

Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations in Geometry and Physics; Neuroscience and Informatics