I obtained my Ph.D degree in geophysics (earthquake seismology) in 2008 from university of chinese academy of sciences. Before I joined Zhejiang university  on September 25, 2014,  I had postdoc experience at Yonsei and Yale.

I am a seismologist to determine the seismic structure of the Earth's interior for understanding its chemical composition and dynamic processes by analyzing seismic phases. Particularly, I am interested in:

  • imaging seismic scatterers to understand the fate of subducted oceanic crust and its contribution to geochemical heterogeneity.

  • detecting deep seismic anomalies relevant to subducted oceanic plateau to undertand its role in flat slab subduction. 

  • exploring the inner core structure.

  • anatomizing crust and mantle discontinuties in terms of sharpness and impedance.

  • constraining the seismic anisotropy, the directional and polarizational dependence of seismic wave speeds, which is a consequence of strain-induced lattice-preferred orientation of mineral in the Earth's mantle. Measurement of seismic anisotropy represents perhaps the best tool available to directly probe the past and present patterns of deformation at depth.

  • detecting dehydration-triggered melting surounding the mantle transition zone.

To get better understanding of the Earth interal structure and dynamics, I also incorporate seismic results with constraints from other Earth science fields, like geodynamics and mineral physics.



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Research work

seismic anisotropy and mantle dynamics, mantle heterogeneity, seismic discontinuities, mantle water cycle, intraplate magmatism, tectonics (orogen and rift), crustal structure for various tectonic settings, regional seismicity, seismic phase identification, inner core structure.